While we keep up on event trends, we pride ourselves on bringing creativity to each event. 

​Once the creative vision is in place, our diagnostic side turns on. We know the details that are necessary to accomplish a creative vision.
​ We have FUN!

Calm and Collected

We know events can be personal and a lot of emotion can go in to them. We know how to handle those emotions in a way that lets the event run seamlessly. We always have a that can be set in to action at any time. Not only are we resourceful, but we’re connected. 

In Every Detail

Creative vision, bold events.

Eventus specializes in festivals, corporate events,  social events and weddings. Our award-winning event planners bring passion and enthusiasm to every event. From concept designs to complete production we have you covered. 

We believe the center of every event is the people. We don’t just plan events, we create an engaging environment for your guests to experience. It’s our mission to draw the guests in and engage them in every event we plan. We are masters of the stage.

Engaging Enviroments